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Who we are

Passionate for interior designs using nature

Moss Life has one focus!


We are resolved to reconnect people with nature by...


transforming items grown from the earth into preserved moss walls, frames and art, for home or commercial settings.

Using a specific type of interior landscaping, our mission is to install custom-made green designs in spaces that need it the most! 


We want to build an appreciation for indoor nature that encourages 

a sense of calmness and a positive state of mind.

We invite you to explore the beautiful and exciting world of Moss Life, and hope a piece of nature will fit nicely in your indoor space.

Preserved Nature

Nordic nature preserved in time for you

All our products are carefully preserved and ethically farmed by our suppliers, mainly in Nordic countries.


For instance, 'lichen' (known as reindeer moss) is picked by hand, following strict rules in terms of environment and sustainability. 

No more than 20% of the lichen is picked at a time, and the area is not revisited again for at least 4-5 years.


Picking lichen requires a governmental permit and strict approval of landowners.


The collection of lichen maintains employment for rural communities in Nordic regions, and is a requirement in some forest areas where overgrowth of the lichen inhibits propagation of plants and animals.

Mental Health

Positive energy, a vital ingredient needed!

We all need a bit of soothing from time to time, and the chances are that mid-pandemic, many of us are feeling the strain!

It is proven the environment we live and work in can have an impact on mental health.


Nature has a positive influence on a person's state of mind, and we believe Moss Life art provides a feeling of inner peace and calmness.


'it's all about the sense of wellbeing that comes from establishing a connection with nature - Monty Don

BBC Gardeners World'

We encourage you to form your own connection with nature and invite you to browse our website...

Fine Food Specialist

Fine Food Specialist, London

Very happy with the moss frames – Thank you so much. They were even delivered by hand so got to meet the creators. Super nice people to deal with and very professional service all round. Thank you!

Drogo Montagu - Founder

Tropic With Mia

Tropic With Mia, Cheshire

Thank you for our beautiful moss wall, we are genuinely thrilled with your design and craftsmanship!



Tropic With Mia

Sherrington Associates

Sherrington Associates, Chester

The moss looks amazing in the new office and makes the room look fresh and inviting. I’d be happy to recommend Moss Life to anyone looking for a unique way to enhance the look and feel in a room - a moss wall will definitely do the job

Rob McKay - Partner