Custom designs made for You

Moss Life provides a custom-made service that enables you to influence the design of your moss frame or wall. This means you can install a unique piece of art that no one else has!

In addition to serving direct clients, we also provide a partner with us service. For example,  you may be an interior designer, architect or contractor If so, we can create a moss frame or wall for your clients!


Whether it be a custom-made service or collaboration on a client project, we are here to help you!


Please contact us for a friendly chat.

In the meantime, we invite you to get inspired and view examples of moss frames, walls and colours.


We are convinced you will fall in love with Nordic nature...

Moss frame designs

Picture of a circular moss frame hung on a living room wall

100% Real Moss

Moss wall designs

A picture of reindeer moss wall with wooden panels

100% Eco-friendly

Moss colours

Six small moss frames in various reindeer moss colours

100% Satisfying