Stabilised mosses are relatively new elements in the interior design landscape. Therefore, doubts and uncertainties often arise, and it is not always easy to find the answers to your questions. So here we are, ready to assist you...

Frequently asked questions

Is stabilised lichen real?

Yes for sure, it is real lichen that is collected and carefully stabilsed.

Is stabilised lichen alive?

Yes and No, let us explain... Stabilisation leads to a hybrid state , in which the lichen no longer carries out photosynthesis but maintains its characteristics. A little bit like frozen in time!

Where does stabilised lichen come from?

We partner with 'Nordic' companies that ethically farm the lichen from the ground. For example Polarmoss is collected in Finland.

Does stabilised lichen grow?

No. Stabilisation blocks the lichens growth.

Does stabilised lichen keep its colour?

Lichen in nature is white. Other colours are added to the lichen during the stabilisation process and provides colours such as various shades of green and other colours you can find in our gallery Colours do not change over time, they do not fade or turn yellow.

What is the lifespan of stabilised lichen?

Kept in the recommeded conditions, the lichen has a lifespan of around 10 years.

Does stabilised lichen emit a scent?

Yes. The stabilised lichen keeps a light scent that brings back the classic smells of the places it came from. However over a period of time the scent fades.

Can the stabilised lichen be placed outdoors?

No! External atmospheric agents would generally ruin it.

Should stabilised lichen be watered or vaporised?

Absolutely not! Lichen lives thanks to the humidy of the air and should not come into contact with water, which can risk damaging it.

Does stabilised lichen retain dust?

No, the stabilisers are antistatic! Thanks to their charateristics they do not retain dust and do not need to be dusted or cleaned.

Does stablised moss have sound absorbing 'acoustic' properties?

Yes, stabilised moss is sound absorbing and is a great and natural solution to improve noise pollution. For example a moss wall can absorb noise pollution up to 30%, which is an ideal solution for 'Open Space' environments such as large rooms, offices and other spaces.

Does stabilised moss purify the air?

Yes it does, and plays an important function of removing harmful agents from the air we breath.

Is stabilised moss anti allergic?

Yes! The stabilisation process has removed its compound that can cause allergies. In fact stabilised moss purifies the air.

Does stabilised moss attract insects?

No, thanks to the stabilised process it makes it a hostile environment to insects.

Does stabilised moss need light?

No, in fact the stabilised moss can be placed in dark rooms with no natural light. It can be placed near a window as long as it does not receive direct heat from the sun.

Can stablised moss be put near a heater?

No it must not be exposed close to heat souces such as radiators as it can reduce the humidy of air.

If you have a question of your own, then please ask away by contacting us