Moss frames and Inspirations

If you are looking for a unique piece of moss wall art then why not consider a moss frame.

A moss frame creates a calming feel to the room it resides in and will brighten up a space that generally is dull.

All moss and foliage we use is real and preserved, which means no watering or maintenance is required! So if you are prone to killing plants, have no fear, a moss frame is an ideal piece of decor for your home or business.

Moss frame

Purchasing a moss frame is easy, just take a look at our moss frame store. You will find a variety of moss frame designs hand made from various types of Scandinavian moss foliage.
You can also take inspiration from this page and contact us to discuss your own moss frame design.

100% Real Moss,
100% Sustainably Sourced,
100% Satisfying.

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