Moss Wall Art Frames

A moss frame can really bring to life the space it occupies in your home or business premises. 

It can be an excellent centre piece that demands attention!

Moss frames are available in various styles, colours and designs. If you are looking for a pre-made design, then why not take a look at what's available to purchase from our online store!

Alternatively, you can choose a custom-made moss wall art frame. Simply note down your choice of moss/lichen, colours, frame shape and size, then after discussing your design we will put your frame into production.

A custom moss wall art frame is a great way to have your own unique design, tailor made to your taste and personality!

In addition to moss frames, you can opt to have a moss wall art installation. But first we encourage you to browse this page, then take a look at moss wall art designs...

100% Real Moss,
100% Sustainably Sourced,
100% Satisfying.

Moss Wall Art Circular Frame

Picture of a very large round moss frame inside an office

Circular moss frames are an alternative to the more popular rectangle or square designs.

This particular moss wall art frame is available in various sizes and can be decorated in flat moss, reindeer moss and polar moss.

Reindeer moss comes in a variety of colours which enables you to match the decor of your room.

Moss Wall Art Rectangle Frame

Picture of a very large rectangle moss frame inside an office

Rectangular moss frames are popular in spaces for the home and office.


Bigger designs tend to be used in large areas inside restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and treatment rooms. 

Like circular frames, designs are available in various size and colours and can be decorated in flat moss, reindeer moss and polar moss.


With larger moss wall art frames we add a complement of stabilised wooden branches and leaf's that will bring a wow factor to your design.

Moss Wall Art Square Frame

Leafy Forest Moss Frame

Square moss frames can almost be used anywhere in the home or business, and are generally made with reindeer moss (lichen)


Multiple colours are available which is ideal if you have a favourite colour for an office, bedroom, bathroom or living area.

Larger moss  wall art frames can also be used in commercial settings and more design options are available such as flat and polar moss.