Moss Wall

As illustrated here, a moss wall can be an amazing feature in any residential or commercial setting.

A proven fact is a moss wall covering provides a sense of calmness to indoor spaces and reduces noise pollution due to its natural sound absorbent properties!

For example, in 2014 the founders of Nordgröna, (then students at Lund University in Sweden), discovered the lichen’s outstanding ability to absorb sound. This led to the creation of new moss wall products combining modern demands with traditional and organic materials. 


Reindeer moss has other natural properties such as air purification and cleaning the air indoors which contributes to a healthy environment.

Get inspired and take a look at some custom moss wall coverings...

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Moss Wall Covering

100% Real Moss,

100% Eco-friendly,

100% Satisfying.

Reindeer Moss Wall inside a Hair salon