7 Benefits of A Moss Wall

If there is one strategy that transforms a plain wall into something truly special, it’s wall art. Whether you are looking at murals to cover the whole wall or you want something a little different, wall art makes a room stand out. One of the best ways to have a visual impact is to install moss panels or moss wall art!

Moss wall art is an up-and-coming interior design trend and it’s a great way to add colour, life, and depth to either your home or your business. One of the biggest reasons that people turn to moss wall art for their space is the versatility that comes with these pieces.

Moss wall art can help you to combine cutting edge technology with timeless nature, and yet there are so many benefits to this that you might not have considered before. You can fit moss wall art onto pretty much any wall of the house, and whether you want something modern or rustic, or you want to explore the other benefits of moss wall panels, we’ve got a list that will help you to decide whether to invest in this new interior trend. They’re so much more than just an attractive feature for the home or office.

Reindeer Moss Wall

Better Air Quality

Many people wouldn't think that a moss wall would add better air quality to their space, but they do. Did you know that moss is one of the best natural materials that can be used to combat air pollution? Not many people are aware of that! There are plenty of pollutants in the air but these pollutants cling to the moss, and then bacteria convert the pollutants into biomass. A moss wall in the home or office can promote better, clearer thinking, do wonders for your lungs, and make you feel like you can breathe better.

Improvements In Productivity

With a moss wall in the office, it’s more than just art. This is your chance to improve the productivity of everyone in the space. Both your office and your home space can benefit from the addition of moss wall art, because it’s not just in the office you need to feel productive. If you’re working from home, it can help to be in an environment where you are able to think better and solve more problems. In fact, these pieces have been shown to help improve productivity by about 8%. Nature allows the mind to thrive, and a moss wall is one way to get you there!

Reducing Your Stress

Life is stressful - we all know that. However, you can take steps to calm the mind and ease some of your stress with the right artistic elements. There are studies that have been conducted by Washington State University that show that stress levels in the workplace lowered in environments that had plants present. With a moss wall, you can ensure that your employees are as worry-free and stress-free as possible. At home, you can reduce the stress that everyday life brings by losing yourself in nature, right from the comfort of your couch.

Nature is a stress soother

Airborne Dust? Not With Moss Walls

We talked about pollutants being removed in the air with a moss wall, but even dust can be cleaned out of the air when you have moss wall panels. The reason that airborne dust is removed is because of the inorganic compounds of the dust being absorbed by the moss. These dust particles are then eliminated from the air, which makes a big difference to your health and the health of those around you. There’s no need to wonder whether you have to keep dealing with aerosol particles and chemical particles. Your new moss wall will help.

Reducing Noise

Foliage and plants have been used to reduce noise for decades. The bushes outside your home, for example, can act as a buffer to ensure a more peaceful environment, especially for those living on busy streets. If you’re dealing with sound pollution, you could plant shrubs to help block the noise of traffic. However, with the help of a moss wall, you can block high-frequency sounds from traffic, roommates, and other sources, allowing you to embrace a little peace!

Better Skin

Plants and flowers in the home will always contribute to clearer, healthier skin. This is partially because of the pollutants and dust being drawn out of the air, but also because of the health benefits that a moss wall can bring. Your skill will look better and healthier, which in turn offers you more confidence in your everyday life. It can help to know that your moss wall is going to help both you and your environment.

Bringing Down Energy Costs

The areas around a moss wall are generally cooler in the summer months, which can work to bring down the energy costs of your home. Moss walls can also add a layer of insulation to the space in the winter, which reduces heating costs significantly. Bringing the temperature to the right level is important whether you are at home or work, and a moss wall will help with that.

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Moss walls are a maintenance-free product, beautiful to look at, and stunning for the home or office. They’re a unique option for your interior design adventures, and now that you know all the benefits of getting one yourself, they’re impossible to pass up! They act as the perfect mood booster, noise reducer, and they’re going to be something you need in the home if you want to feel better inside and out.

Contact us today and see which of our moss wall offerings work for your space. Whether you’re looking for something small to hang on the wall, or you’re interested in entire moss wall panels, we have a variety of options to choose from.

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