The Power of Preserved Moss

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Is Preserved Moss Real?

A popular question we're always asked... is the moss real?

The answer is yes but, it’s not living. This is due to the moss having been preserved by a process of heat treating and submersion in a mineral salt solution. This permanently suspends any further decay or drying out, and amazingly the moss retains its natural air filtering abilities.

Filtering abilities of preserved moss

While moss doesn’t have roots, once preserved, it will continue to draw moisture and airborne particles (including dust) out of the air.

Did you know:

Preserved Moss contributes to cleaning indoor air naturally in a sustainable and far more economical way than air purifiers and ventilators!

Why use preserved moss:

  1. No watering is needed

  2. No maintenance is required

  3. No sunlight is required

  4. Total biodegradable

  5. Ethically farmed


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