What Is Reindeer Moss and What Is It Used For?

You may have heard about reindeer moss but found yourself asking “what is reindeer moss?”. Maybe you think it sounds fanciful, or maybe you just aren’t sure what, exactly, it is. Reindeer moss, also known as reindeer lichen, is a beautiful, bushy type of moss with various shades of colour. The way the lichen grows, it easily covers vast areas. While it does grow slowly, at only about 3 to 5 mm per year, it grows in abundance.

If you’re wondering “where does reindeer moss grow?”, it’s not exactly an easy answer. The moss can grow in a variety of climates and environments. However, this moss thrives in many arctic areas. In fact, this species got its name from the reindeer who love to graze on it. Due to the variety of uses that the lichen offers, you can now find moss farms in many areas where it is found naturally. These farms allow us to use the moss ethically, without destroying its natural habitat.

And when contemplating “what is reindeer moss used for?”, you might be surprised about the answer. Reindeer moss is frequently used for artistic purposes as a living wall, moss art, and more. It is found frequently as miniature trees in architecture and model building, as the bushy quality makes for perfect model trees. It is used as a food source for animals such as caribou, musk oxen, and reindeer. On top of this, the moss can be used in dyes and as sound-absorbing material.

Bringing Nature Inside

Today, reindeer moss is frequently used in landscaping as well as indoor art. Moss wall art is a growing trend both in homes and businesses. From small, framed moss art to full moss walls, these pieces are incredibly popular to bring the outdoors inside.

There are a ton of benefits of using reindeer moss in these pieces. The bushy, branching quality of the moss makes it easy to use in a variety of pieces. It can be dyed to give you the look and feel you’re going for. When used in an office space, reindeer moss walls can help improve productivity and increase creativity. At home, pieces containing reindeer moss help offer a calm, soothing environment that helps you relax and enjoy your time.

One of the benefits of using reindeer moss is that it can be ethically sourced. At Moss Life, our lichen is handpicked on Nordic moss farms. We ensure that ethical, environmental, and sustainable practices are used to help bring you the pieces you’re looking for. If you’re looking for beautiful pieces of nature to bring inside while keeping the environment it came from in mind, look no further!

Decorating Your Space

The natural beauty and outstanding qualities that come with reindeer moss make a huge impact on your interior design dreams. It’s an original way to offer a stunning effect to your home or business, and it suits every room. If you want to add a touch of nature to your home or business, consider the benefits of reindeer moss in your design.

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