Square Reindeer Moss Frame

Square Reindeer Moss Frame

This simple but very effective square reindeer moss frame is handmade in high quality materials and represents typical Nordic Reindeer Moss in natural green.


Lichen (reindeer moss) is farmed in the nordic countries and after a stabilisation process it can be used to make interior frames for home and buisness spaces.


Each piece of reindeer moss is carefully inserted in the frame and takes many hours to create perfection. This piece of art is very unique and will look fabulous on a wall at home or work.


All materials inside the moss frame are stabilised, which means there is no maintenance needed, no watering or pruning, and has qualities such as anti-allergic and air purification. Further to these qualities the moss acts as a natural sound absorbent making it an all-round eco-friendly piece of moss art.


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    Each frame is carefully handmade to perfection using the following natural materials:

    High quality frames. For example, the wood is 'Ayous' imported from Italy.

    Premium Reindeer Moss - Nordics - in the following colour:

    Natural Green

    High quality moist resistant backboard - UK

    Handmade - UK



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    Depending on the item ordered, production can take up to 30 days. Please remember each moss art frame is carefully handmade to order. At times there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances from our suppliers. In such a case we will inform you either by telephone or email.


    UK Delivery is FREE of charge. *online orders only.  Please contact us for bespoke and out of UK delivery costs.


    Please note, our items are handmade, stabilised and are a natural product. Therefore, there will be slight design and colour variations compared to what you view in our website. This means you have a unique piece of art. However, we will endeavour to make the design as accurate as possible.